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Welcome to the 2024 Season!



Reading Softball Little League 2024 Rules:

Senior Division


7 Inning Games

Bunting is allowed

Infield Fly Rule is in Effect.

Dropped 3rd Strike is in Effect (Updated for 2022)

6 Run Max Per Inning: Continuation play does apply at end of inning. Ex: 5 runs in and runners at 2nd and 3rd.  No additional runs can be scored once an infielder has control of the ball.

Last inning is unlimited Runs.  This means the 7th inning only

Pitcher, 1st and 3rd all have to wear Fielders masks. No exceptions

All Stealing is allowed.

Players can leave the base on the release of the pitch

15 run Mercy rule after 5 innings. 4 1/2 if home team is winning.

Players must play at least 2 innings in the Field.

Pitchers can only pitch 10 innings per week. Week starts Sunday and ends Saturday. One pitch in an inning is an inning. If 3 games in a week they can pitch 15 innings.

Only Starting Pitchers can re-enter to Pitch again in a game

Players must slide on close plays. Ruled Out on Umpires Discretion

Pitchers Mound is 43 Feet.

Ball is dead when the ball is back in Pitchers Circle or Umpire Rules Time Out.
Unless the Pitcher attempts a throwing motion. Umpires discretion. (Update for 2022)

Only 3 outfielders (Updated for 2022)

 No inning may start after 1:45 of game play.

7 innings 

12 Inch Softballs.

All Scores and The amount of innings each Pitcher threw for game should be texted ASAP after games to:
Steve Puglielli at 617-407-0614 for scores and Joe Bankovich for Pitching innings 617-785-6655

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